Top Intercom Systems For 2016
April 11, 2016

Home and office security and communication equipment is becoming more advanced as technological and electronic enhancements and breakthroughs keep being made. Intercom systems are one of the areas that have seen some major changes and upgrades over the past decade.

Voice and visual features are now available with greater sound clarity and better high resolution LCD screens or monitors available on the market. Wireless technology is another feature of modern communication systems that has enhanced the function of intercom systems in the home and office.

Whether you simply want to communicate with a person in another room or use your intercom system to improve your security measures, below are some of the top brands to choose from:

  1. Aiphone

Aiphone is one of the most well-known names in intercom systems. With wired intercom systemover 30 years of experience in the industry they manufacture a wide range of products that are suitable for different home, office or other industry requirements. These top manufacturers will even tailor make a system to suit unique requirements.

Among their products, the top rated intercom system for home security is the CCS-1A ChimeCom2 single doorbell and answering system. The system allows you to communicate with visitors without opening the door leaving you safe and secure in he home. Easy installation, good voice clarity and great value for money make this system great for home use.

The AP-M system is ideal for a range of different businesses and industries providing two master intercoms with 10 speaker or subsystems. Additional subsystems can be purchased and added as needed. One of the best features is an ambient noise dampener that improves voice clarity – great for noisy environments.

The TL-2000 series provides a multiple entry system, ideal for apartment buildings, complexes or offices with multiple tenants. The system includes up to 2000 units programmable to 2000 telephone numbers and 2000 access codes. The system can be integrated with a door or gate lock to automatically open at the press of a button.

  1. On-Q/Legrand

On-Q Legrand systems have a wide range of intercom and security systems available to meet different consumer needs. The primary feature of their products is that it is not just a communication system but a fully integrated music system. Product kits come with all the necessary requirements for easy installation. Products are mainly suited for home use but can be used in business or office environments.

One of their best sellers is the On-Q/Legrand Selective Call Intercom Room Unit. The main feature is the high resolution LCD screen that makes the product incredibly user friendly. Up to 96 different areas can be programmed into the device, all with unique names. The product comes in 4 different colors and the LCD screen also has 4 different skins to choose from.

  1. M&S Linear Systems

M&S Linear Systems DMC-10 Intercom system is not only an internal home communication system but access control module too. It can be used on as many as 16 doors throughout the home with multiple entry codes. One of the greatest features is that it lights up to make it easier to use in the night time hours.

Multi-Source or Multi-Zone Intercom and Audio Stereo System is the premium product from M&S with the main focus being on the delivery of great sound throughout the home or office environment. The remote controlled keypad allows you to change the music as you wish selecting between radio, CD or other channels. You also have control over which rooms and areas the music can be heard in. While this may seem like an expensive product, it delivers great sound without having to place a separate sound system in every room of the house.

  1. Nutone

Nutone has one intercom system for home use. Their NM series is a full-function intercom and music distribution system. 3 models in this series are available.

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